The basic way to play the game of dragon tiger

The basic way to play the game of dragon tiger

There are mainly two simple forms of rules to play this game. this is nothing but a simple form of gambling game. this dragon tiger game usually has the two-card version based on baccarat. If need to be more specific drawn are done with the two cards. One is related to the tiger and the other one is to the dragon.

The combination in the game:

The player mainly bets on the card which is higher in the value. There is also some proposition allotted to the individual-based cards. The player gets varied options in the course of the game. this makes the game more fun-filled.

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The is in the form of both big as well as small ones. The player can bet whether one particular card can be over as well as under the number seven. If the player chooses the exact seven number card then the loss will be faced by the wager. There is a chance of getting the pay money for winning.

There is the option of odd as well as even a pair of bets. This is in the form of a mathematical term like that of a small or big based bet. I player may be subjected to aces and will face the loss for the best of both. In the case of another form of rank will be divided between the even number six and the odd number in six. It should be noted that not all kinds of tables will be offered with the same even or odd form of bets.

The Black or red form of the pair is also based on the mathematical manner. The number sevens will face the loos when they do the betting.

The player has the chance to bet on the particular card of the suit. They have the luck to win three is to one ratio. If the card chosen is seven exact numbers the wager will lose automatically.

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